What about Vsave makes it GREAT?

  • Easily and quickly upload files
  • Preview videos, pictures, and other document files using Google Docs™
  • Add notes, bookmarks, and even Youtube™ Videos
  • All web based, no need to download

More about Vsave

Vsave.org is a Unique File Transfer System, designed to allow users to transfer their files quickly and securely from one computer to another without the use of any additional programs.

This means, instead of using a flash drive that can be lost or stolen, instead of emailing yourself files which can become lost or corrupt, and instead of installing large, laggy, computer software on your computer; simply drag your files to Vsave and never worry again.


Ian Rugg, the founder of Vsave, ATW (AnnotateTheWeb.org), Mipage.org, and Olokoo LLC, was born on February 3rd 1995 and began on his life long quest to build and develop just five years later. "Entering Kindergarten, Is the first time I remember working with electronics", he recalls, "At this time, I started building remotely operated contraptions." At age eleven, Ian decided that in order to make a living, he had to choose something that was not as farfetched as, "a robot builder". At this time, he became a Web Developer. He now has six years of computer programing and over twelve years of mechanical engineering under his belt.






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